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Same day appointments and walk-ins are always welcome.

Urgent Care in Baxter/Brainerd MN.

Urgent Care In Brainerd - Baxter

Cold? Flu? Got something bothering you that needs attention sooner than a regular scheduled visit?

If you are searching for “urgent care near me” because you would like to see a doctor quicker than normal, then please come and see us at North Star Family Medicine.

Cold, flu, tick bites, urinary tract infections, asthma, eye infections and many other ailments don’t happen when it is convenient for you and that’s why we make it our mission to be here when you need immediate access to health care providers who care invested in your well being. Our highly experienced medical staff is available early in the morning and late into the evenings to make sure you can get the help you need when you need it.

We treat infants, children, adults and the elderly, so come on in!

Blood draws from North Star Family Medical can also be done to improve a patient's condition and treat disease.

NEW Service! Most people associate phlebotomies with drawing blood for testing, but it can also be done therapeutically to improve a patient’s condition and treat diseases.  The procedure is now available here at NorthStar Family Medicine. | Learn More

Aerospace Medical Examinations

Good news – Dr. Kristy Lelcu is now certified for Aerospace Medical Exams for class 2 and 3 pilot licenses!  | Learn More

Aerospace Medical Examinations Class 2 & Class 3 Pilot Medical Exams Now Available!
Workers Comp Medical Services from North Star Medical In Minnesota

At North Star Family Medicine, our best-in-class workers’ compensation and injury care benefits you and your employees. The following services can be utilized for your organization’s workers compensation program: Injury Treatment, continued care coordination, referrals to specialists, prompt-but never rushed care.

Same day Injury care: Your workforce can walk in anytime during clinic hours for urgent care they need when they need it.

Return-to-work-plans: We balance patient care and your expectations to create a plant that gets injured employees back to work as son as safely possible.

IV Hydration

IV Hydration is nutrients assembled for your needs, delivered from an IV bag to quickly re-hydrate you and provide restorative benefits

Following Excessive Exercise | Dehydration | Stomach Virus | Learn More

Hydration Services from North Star Medical in Central Minnesota.
Chronic Disease Management at North Star Family Medicine.

Diabetes | Hypertension | Thyroid Disease | High-Cholestrol

Living Healthy/Weight Management

We have multiple affordable weight management options available for patients.

North Star Family Medicine works with patients and insurance companies to obtain injectable medications such as Semaglutide, for management of weight loss.

We work with Takedown Gym and nutritionist Karen Marschel, RDN LD CDCES to promote lifestyle changes to ensure life long weight loss.

North Star Family Medicine partners with Olympic Pharmacy to provide affordable cash options for patients without insurance, or if the prescription for Semaglutide is not affordable.

Annual Exam | Camp Physical | CDL Exams | Well Child | School/Sports Physical | Acupuncture | Vaccinations  

Wellness Services At North Star Family Medical

A partial list of the patients and conditions we can help with:

Camp physical
Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and 2
Laceration repair
Skin lesion biopsy
Well Child Checks
Hearing screening
Kidney Cancer
Pink Eye
Sinus Infections
Weight loss
Breast Cancer
Joint pain
Sexually transmitted disease
Wart removals
Brain Aneurysm
Cystic Fibrosis
Joint injections
Parkinsons Disease
Sebaceous cyst removal
Vision screening
Benign Prostrate Hypertrophy
Graves disease
IV Infusions
PAP smears
Uterine fibroid
Back Pain
Congestive Heart Failure
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Iron Deficient Anema
Neck pain
Urinary tract and kidney infections
Compartment Syndrome
Muscle Pain
Chronic obstructive lung disease
Foreign body removal
Mood disorders
Prolapsed uterus
Temporal Mandibular Joint Syndrome
ALS/Lou Gerig
Cervical Disc Disease
Medicare Wellness Visits
Pre Operation evaluations
Strep throat
Aerospace Medical Exams
Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Polysubstrance abuse
Stomach viruses
Achilles tendon injury
Cardiac Disease
Ear Infections
Heart Palpitations
Skin tag removals
Acoustic neuroma
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Ear irrigation
Lumbar Disc disease
Polycyctic ovarian disease
Sore throat
Addition medication
Casting and splinting
Employment physicals
Lung cancer
Polycythemia vera
Sports physicals
We can help - a partial list of all the services available at North Star Family Medicine.

Insurance Accepted:

Cash/self-pay discount: 10% if you pay at time of visit.
IV Hydration Services are self pay and not subject to discounts. Prompt payment is appreciated.

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