Frequently Asked Questions

North Star Family Medicine

What hospital is North Star Family Medicine affiliated with for services?

North Star Family Medicine is a private medical practice owned by Dr. Kristina Lelcu and is not affiliated with any health care system. Dr. Lelcu is the sole physician in the practice, along with Susan Heying, NP who assists occasionally.

What if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

Patients requiring hospitalization are instructed to go to one of the local hospitals for care. Hospitalist, Physicians who specialize in Hospital Medicine, manage patients in the hospital. North Star Family Medicine has access to your medical records while in the hospital and can review them. We are also available by phone to answer any questions.

Does North Star Family Medicine offer telehealth services?

Currently, telehealth is not offered. Dr. Lelcu believes meeting with patients face to face in clinic to obtain an accurate history and physical exam is required to provide exceptional health care.

What if I need a referral to a Specialist?

We can provide referrals to all Medical Specialties for additional evaluation as needed.

What insurances do you accept?

See a full list of our accepted insurance plans here.

What is the cost of services for cash patients?

The clinic offers a 10% discount for cash paying patients at the time of visit.

It is difficult to determine the cost of the visit prior to meeting with the patient. On average, the cost of an initial visit is approximately $300 and follow up is $250. Many factors, including length of visit and complexity of the disease, determine the final cost.

Other costs, including labs, x-rays, and procedures are additional.

Call the office and the staff may review charges with you for the services desired.

What physical exams does the clinic offer?

North Star Family Medicine offers annual physical exams, Medicare Wellness Exams, Well Child Checks and CDL exams.

Does North Star Family Medicine offer Urgent Care services?

We have same day appointments available and the ability to evaluate and treat urgent care patients. We have extended hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings until 8:00pm.

Do I need to see a provider to schedule IV hydration services?

You may call the office and schedule one of our IV services without seeing provider. If there is a concern, our nurses are trained to identify health issues and communicate to our providers.

Does the clinic see COVID patients?

Dr. Lelcu and the staff at North Star Family Medicine welcome COVID patients to our clinic, or anyone who has questions regarding COVID 19. We have vaccinations and testing available on site for COVID. In addition, we encourage patients who have questions regarding the prevention and early outpatient treatment of COVID 19 to schedule an appointment. We are available to discuss long haul COVID symptoms.

Does Dr. Lelcu assist hospitalized COVID 19 patients?

She is unable to support patients who are hospitalized with COVID 19 and recommended you contact for support of your loved one.

Doe you accept walk-ins or same day appointments?


June 22nd through Friday, July 1st!

$50.00 off of all IVs!